Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fix a Bug Today!

One of the things we constantly advise people to do is take action when they want to get involved, and known, within a community. A great example is JRuby. Charles Nutter worked on it, at home, on his own time, and was hired by Sun to work on JRuby full-time.

These days Charles constantly posts opportunities for others to take advantage of. Today in a Twitter post, Charles said:

Charles Nutter
headius Here's an interesting bug for someone...our BigInteger-to-double conversion seems to be buggy. Got a better one? http://is.gd/hoOJ

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Jeffrey Fredrick said...

Great suggestion.

Related is to answer questions on a mailing list using the power of the source.

This is a great way to (1) get familiar with the code/language/framework, (2) find bugs, (3) find easy enhancements, and (4) do good in the world.