Monday, April 13, 2009

Choice Over Fear: Shepherds, Wolves, and Jobs

A mutual friend introduced me to a great blog entry and I had to pass it on. It's from another North Carolina resident, but we've never (to my knowledge) met.

Denilson's blog entry is titled Layoffs, sheep, shepherds, and wolves and deals with the choices we all face. It's a long entry, but I'd encourage you to read it through.

Here are a few excerpts.

Behaving like a sheep is about making as few choices as possible, settling into a stable situation and hoping things will not change. Sheep intentionally put their fates at hand of shepherds and unknowingly at the mercy of wolves. Time after time, sheep seek seemingly safe settings and stay there until the inexorable dangers of political and economical instability surround them again. Sheep regard being outside a wolf’s stomach to be a good life, and being inside the wolf’s stomach the result of random and cruel chance.


At the root of sheepish thought is the belief that we cannot influence the events around us. That is partly true, but we do have control over our preparedness to face those events.


If we wait until disaster hits to start making choices, we may find out that there are only bad and worse choices.

A botched project will not be followed by another chance, but by a round of layoffs.

If you enjoyed reading Career 2.0, I think you'll enjoy The RTP Scrolls as well.


Denilson Nastacio said...

Thanks for the reference Jared, looking forward to meet you.

Kevin Ponds said...

Great talk at the JUG on Thursday Jared, very inspiring stuff! I'm going to buy your book.